Hunter Sands (Chase Ellison) is the son of David Sands and is the younger brother of Jordan Sands. He is a prankster who loves to play pranks on his sister. But he also has a caring side. He was willing to do everything so his sister can revert into a normal human again. Hunter is also the new current Wolfsberg Beast after his deceased uncles. It is known that Dragomir had a brother named Niklaus. Niklaus and Dragomir were the strongest Werewolfs in the world when both became the Wolfsburg beasts. Niklaus soon killed more than 100,000 vampire during the vampire war. Niklaus later disappeared while Dragomir died.

The Boy who Cried Werewolf (film)Edit

He at first appeared to be a terrifying prankster. But when they traveled to Romania and lived in Wolfsberg Manor, he and Jordan visit a strange labortory and he scares her which results in Jordan breaking a vial labeled LB-217. His sister eventually undergo changes which she turns into a werewolf, but Hunter eventually cures her in the end with his LB-217 blood. Hunter is also the next bloodline werewolf (at the age of 14, he can transform into a werewolf) so he becomes the new Wolfsberg Beast after his late Uncles Dragomir and Niklaus.